Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update

 We had tons of fun this weekend! Friday we went to my parent's house for a going-away dinner for my sister and her husband who are moving to Alaska on Wednesday. My brother ended up being there, too, which was awesome.

My daughter stayed with my parents, who took her to the river for the weekend (hubby had to work today, so we couldn't go) and she won't be back until tomorrow morning.

Saturday, hubby and I found our new favorite place. On the way, though, we stopped at the grocery store, and a woman's car wouldn't start, so of course, hubby went to go check it out. :) Love him. After that, we went to Rancho Jurupa Park and it was awesome. They have mini-golf, playgrounds, a splash pad, and two lakes for fishing. Plus, it's beautiful! We have been searching for a good place to get away from all the city noises and people since we moved, and we found it!

 Hubby spent the day fishing while I lounged and read a magazine. I also made friends with the most awesome duck in the world. haha. He hung out with me all day. I named him Ninja Duck...for some reason. Hubs caught a couple little fish and hooked in to a big catfish, but it got lose. Needless to say, he was heartbroken.

Then, we headed home to watch The Debt, which was interesting. 

Today, we headed to church, did a little shopping, and I went out couch shopping with hubby's cousins (that we live with).

We are moving to a new house at the end of the week, so this week is going to be filled with packing and moving. Woo-hoo! It feels like just yesterday we moved our stuff in. haha! (It was in July)

Hope you had an awesome weekend.

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  1. so sweet of your husband to do that, what a kind man!
    and moving to alaska definitely sounds like a real adventure..your sister should start a blog! haha.
    and what a great park you found! i clicked through to the link you attached and wow, what a nice place to just stumble upon!


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